Harrison "Sawyer" Wright is in his sophomore year studying Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design. Sawyer was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, a community based on outdoor sports such as skiing in the winter and climbing and mountain biking in the summer, has shaped his life to make him more centred towards the outdoors. 
After working at Eldora Mountain Resort, a local ski resort in Nederland, CO, Sawyer has seen many different aspects of the winter sports culture. By working in Base Operations and Lift Operations he has learned the technical side of running the mountain. By working with kids as a ski instructor, Sawyer has learned to love spreading the joy of winter sports and wants to use Industrial Design to improve the industry and keep more people coming to enjoy the cold.
In November of 2014, Sawyer suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury which changed his life massively which he tries to show in his work. In his fine art he focuses on the aspect of disconnection and creating understanding in others. He tries to show the unseen as well as the process of healing and overall life after a large traumatic events which leave the mind and body damaged, sometimes beyond repair.
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