For my Drawing final at my first semester at RISD I made a series of drawings about a Traumatic Brain Injury I got in November of 2014 and other ways Traumatic Brain Injuries have affected my life.
The first panel is about my brother, my mother had a lot of trouble during pregnancy and my brother had to be born 3 months premature and causing a Traumatic Brain injury, giving him many developmental disabilities.
This panel shows one of the feelings I constantly got after my own Traumatic Brain Injury showing how it almost felt as though your head was hollow giving an uneasy feeling as though nothing around me is real.
After head injury many people will feel as though reality is slipping away or that they have lost their minds, this panel shows some of the lost feelings I experienced.
This panel shows how my brain feels on a daily basis since the injury, It feels as though these patterns are moving and shifting through my brain at all times.
Overview of full project

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